Transporting Food In Your Refrigerated Van

Posted by in Refrigerated Vehicle,Useful Tips | October 27, 2014

Keeping food chilled or frozen at an appropriate temperature is vital for preventing the growth of bacteria. Therefore when transporting certain food goods that require refrigeration it is important that they are transported in a refrigerated van such as a chiller van or frozen van.

Firstly it is important to identify which types of food might be considered as perishable. Dairy, meats, fruits, sea food and vegetables are just some of the food stuffs that require refrigerated transportation.

Secondly you should be aware of the temperature your goods need to be transported at. Goods that need to be frozen will need to be transported in a freezer van. Freezer vans are able to transport goods at temperatures as low as – 18 degree Celsius. Chiller/ fridge vans are able to transport goods at temperatures as low as 0 degree Celsius and therefore suitable for transporting food stuffs such as fruit and vegetables that do not need to be frozen.

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