Refrigerated Vehicle Rental FAQs

Take a look at some of our most commonly asked questions. If you still can’t find an answer you are looking for get in touch with RVR here and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you.

Does the engine have to be running when stationary to keep the goods in the refrigerated van cool?
Our refrigerated vehicles have a standby period in which they can remain cold / frozen whilst stationary. This for example allows you to keep your goods cool whilst loading your stock into your van.

What is the difference between a freezer can and chiller van?
Refrigerated vehicles are often used to transport goods at chilled and frozen temperatures. Vans designed to transport goods at a frozen temperature have a greater insulation in order to maintain these lower temperatures. Chiller vans maintain a slightly warmer temperature than frozen vans. The type of temperature and therefore van required will depend on your specification and requirements.

What temperature do your freezer vans maintain?
Freezer vans can maintain a temperature of up to – 18 degree Celsius.

What temperature do your chiller vans maintain?
Chiller vans can maintain a temperature of up to 0 degree Celsius.

We only want short term hire … is this possible?
Of course, here at RVR we offer 5 different types of hire period; daily/ weekly, weekend hire, monthly hire through to seasonal hire and contract hire. Contact us to discuss your requirements of your refrigerated truck hire.

Are you able to repair my refrigerated transport?
Yes here at RVR not only do we offer fridge and freezer van hire we also repair refrigerated vehicles to ensure they are worthy of transporting your goods.

What types of goods can you transport in a refrigerated van?
Fridge and freezer vans are commonly used to transport food and pharmaceutical goods.

What will my fridge van conversion involve?
We can convert your existing or new refrigerated vans to either chiller or freezer temperatures. Depending on your specification and industry needs we can provide split compartments, slab doors, dual temperature and temperature recorders.

Is Breakdown Cover Included?
Yes – Breakdown Cover is standard on all vehicles