A Quick, Informative Guide On How To Set The Temperature Control In Our Vehicles

Posted by in Van Temperature Control | February 13, 2018

If your not someone that uses a temperature controlled vehicle regularly you may not know how to set the temperature in one and it’s actually so much easier then you’d think!

To be honest if your using one of these vehicles in the first place it is imperative that the temperature is set correctly so you can ensure what ever your trying to keep cool or even frozen, stays that way.

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Things To Look For In A New Refrigerated Vehicle

Posted by in Refrigerated Vehicle,Useful Tips | January 4, 2017

Does your business rely on having refrigerated transport to help you transport goods from A to B? If so, choosing a reliable, efficient and effective refrigerated vehicle should be high on your priority list. Whether you are looking for refrigerated vehicle hire or looking to purchase a fridge van conversion here are some things you should look for.

What van will best suit your needs?

Chiller/fridge van, dual temperature / dual compartment van, freezer van and so on. Depending on the type of goods that you will be transporting will ultimately dictate the type of refrigerated vehicle that you will need.

Remember certain food products will need to be transported at different temperatures so this is something that you need to be aware of. 

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Dual Temperate Refrigerated Vans And Their Uses

Posted by in Refrigerated Van | December 21, 2016

The EU and UK Legislation for the transport of perishable foods states “that manufacturers should have suitable temperature controlled handling and storage facilities that can maintain food at appropriate temperatures and enable these temperatures to be monitored controlled and recorded. There are also specific temperature requirements for chilled and frozen food products.”

Source –

Ensuring that we are keeping up with our customer’s demands for both non chilled, chilled and frozen goods at RVR we offer dual temperature refrigerated vehicles. This allows users to transport goods in either a chiller compartment or a frozen compartment. A dual temperature refrigerated vehicle is particularly useful for those who transport different foods that must be kept at different temperatures. 

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RVR’s Latest Refrigerated Vehicle Conversion

Posted by in Fridge Van Conversion,Refrigerated Vehicle | October 19, 2016

RVR have been busy working on our latest conversion that took us approximately two weeks to complete.

refrigerated conversion

In this instance, this refrigerated conversion has been created so that it is suitable for multi-temperature operation. This would allow an individual to transport goods at different temperatures. It is controlled by a removable insulated bulkhead with a fan kit and temperature control.

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Who Needs A Refrigerated Van?

Posted by in Refrigerated Van | May 18, 2016

With summer just around the corner, having a vehicle that can keep products chilled and frozen is important for a lot of businesses out there.

Fishmongers, event caterers, mobile chefs and butchers are among perfect fits for refrigerated vans.
Even florists can benefit from our van rental because they can keep their flowers lasting fresher for longer, particularly if they are facing a long day of deliveries.

Owning your own refrigerated van can allow you to incorporate your own brand or logo on the side of your vehicle.

Owning a refrigerated van can be a heavy investment, but we offer competitive prices for van rentals, in different sizes while offering van conversions, so maybe you already own a van and want it converted.

We will make sure that we find the right vehicle for you at the best price.

For more information on our services click here.

The Commercial Vehicle Show 2016

Posted by in Events | April 26, 2016

The annual Commercial Vehicle Show commences at the NEC Birmingham today, which will see over 20,000 business visitors and hundreds of exhibitors attending the show that displays vehicles, from trucks to vans to forklift trucks!

Also on display include tyre manufacturers, insurers and fuel producers while some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers such as Ford and Volkswagen will be displaying their new van models.

There will be a huge range of refrigerated vehicles on display in the Cool Sector of the arena, which will also include bodywork, latest refrigerating units, temperature equipment and other products.

For more information on the event including images and videos, visit the Commercial Vehicle Show website below.

Commercial Vehicle Show 2016


Road Safety Of Your Refrigerated Transport

Posted by in Refrigerated Van,Transport Refrigerated /Frozen Goods,Useful Tips | December 18, 2015

Different speed limits apply when driving a refrigerated truck/ vehicle that is under 7.5 tonnes.
See below for a basic guidance on refrigerated vans speed limits on different roads. However please be mindful you should always be aware of other speed restrictions that might be in place.

Housed areas / areas with street lamps– 30 mph
Single Carriageway – 50 mph
Dual Carriageway 60 mph
Motorway 70mph

Maintaining The Appearance Of Your Refrigerated Transport Is important

Posted by in Refrigerated Vehicle | October 6, 2015

Your refrigerated van is a travelling face of your business; therefore, it is important that you maintain the appearance of your refrigerated transport at all times to create a good public perception regarding the quality of your fridge van.

The appearance is particularly important if you are transporting food, a well-cleaned fridge van will encourage confidence in your business regarding the quality of the goods in your refrigerated vehicle. However if your refrigerated van is in need of a good clean it is likely that your customers will be put off and will avoid wanting to consume the goods inside.
Here are a few top tips for keeping your refrigerated/freezer van clean:

  • Invest in a long brush so that you are able to access all parts of the refrigerated van
  • Invest in quality cleaning products such as glass cleaner and vehicle shampoo/ soap
  • Use a hose pipe so that you have a continuous supply of water
  • Make sure your wipe away any excess water to prevent drip marks drying on the van
  • Apply a protective wax to keep the refrigerated van in a top condition for longer

Take this advice and ensure that your fridge vans/ freezer vans represent your business accurately!

The Importance Of Carrying Out Regular Tyre Checks

Posted by in Refrigerated Vehicle | September 6, 2015

At Refrigerated Vehicle Rental we always check that our refrigerated vehicles are safe before we allow anyone to hire our chiller vans. However if you have your own refrigerated vehicle then it is important that you carry out regular tyre checks so that your fridge/freezer van remains safe.
This is particularly important if you vehicle is going to be carrying heavy loads. Increased weight in the vehicle can result in an increased stopping distance, so make sure your tyres are looked after.

Make sure your check the following:

  • Tyre Pressure (the advised pressures vary between vehicles and will likely differ between the front tyres and back tyres) this information can be found in your vehicle handbook.
  • Tread Depth – You can check this using a tread gauge. Garages would also be able to advise on this.
  • Regularly check your tyres for any punctures or anything else that may have implanted itself into the tyre

Temperatures For Transporting Goods In Your Fridge/ Freezer Vans

Posted by in Refrigerated Van,Refrigerated Vehicle | August 7, 2015

When transporting goods in a refrigerated van it is important that you set an appropriate temperature for their transportation.

Using sources available on the internet we have found that these are the commonly suggested temperatures for transporting certain goods in your fridge/freezer van conversions.

  • Fish – 2 Degree Celsius
    Egg goods – 3 Degree Celsius
  • Poultry – 4 Degree Celsius
  • Cooked meats – 6 Degree Celsius
  • Icecream – -25 Degree Celsius
    Frozen Foods – -18 Degree Celsius
  • Frozen Meats – -10 Degree Celsius

Information taken from following link

Please remember you we have both fridge vans and freezer vans available to hire from RVR. Get in touch with us now by clicking here to find out more information regarding your refrigerated transport hire.

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