We explain some of the most popular terms in the refrigerated vehicle industry.

Refrigerated Vans – Designed to transport goods at a chilled or frozen temperature. Refrigerated transport is often popular within the catering and pharmaceutical industry. Here at Refrigerated Vehicle Rental we are able to offer Freezer Van Hire and Chiller Van Hire.
Dual Temperature – Require the need to transport your goods at two varying different temperatures? Dual temperature allows you to set the separate compartments of your refrigerated vehicle to different temperature.
Insulated to Chill – Depending on the type of chilled temperature required alters the level of insulation applied. Chiller vans requires 75mm of insulation and frozen vans require 90 +mm of insulation.
Chiller Van – Ensures temperatures of 0 degree can be achieved
Frozen Van – Ensures temperatures of -18 degree can be achieved
Body Conversions – We are able to convert your van to a refrigerated vehicle to your specification.