The Importance Of Carrying Out Regular Tyre Checks

Posted by in Refrigerated Vehicle | September 6, 2015

At Refrigerated Vehicle Rental we always check that our refrigerated vehicles are safe before we allow anyone to hire our chiller vans. However if you have your own refrigerated vehicle then it is important that you carry out regular tyre checks so that your fridge/freezer van remains safe.
This is particularly important if you vehicle is going to be carrying heavy loads. Increased weight in the vehicle can result in an increased stopping distance, so make sure your tyres are looked after.

Make sure your check the following:

  • Tyre Pressure (the advised pressures vary between vehicles and will likely differ between the front tyres and back tyres) this information can be found in your vehicle handbook.
  • Tread Depth – You can check this using a tread gauge. Garages would also be able to advise on this.
  • Regularly check your tyres for any punctures or anything else that may have implanted itself into the tyre

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