Temperatures For Transporting Goods In Your Fridge/ Freezer Vans

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When transporting goods in a refrigerated van it is important that you set an appropriate temperature for their transportation.

Using sources available on the internet we have found that these are the commonly suggested temperatures for transporting certain goods in your fridge/freezer van conversions.

  • Fish – 2 Degree Celsius
    Egg goods – 3 Degree Celsius
  • Poultry – 4 Degree Celsius
  • Cooked meats – 6 Degree Celsius
  • Icecream – -25 Degree Celsius
    Frozen Foods – -18 Degree Celsius
  • Frozen Meats – -10 Degree Celsius

Information taken from following link http://www.grimsby.ac.uk/documents/defra/trns-refrigeenergy.pdf

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