Summary of Tradeshow 2013 – Register interest for 2015

Posted by in Events,Transport Refrigerated /Frozen Goods | August 28, 2014

The TCS&D Tradeshow of 2013 was a major success for both visitors and exhibitors. The event that is tailored for those in the Temperature Controlled Storage and Distribution Industry provided the opportunity to network / discuss and learn about new solutions, technologies and developments.

Attendees working within the cold food supply chain hoped to discuss the opportunities and potential to improve their efficiency and reduce their industry related costs.

Here is a sample of industries that could benefit from exhibiting at the show:

Transport refrigeration manufacturers and distributors
Suppliers of temperature monitoring and recording equipment
Insulated food container manufacturers
Cold store racking
Loading bay solution providers
Cold store door specialists
Freezing and chilling system manufacturers
Cold store refrigeration plant manufactures

For a full list click here

Future Show Dates – 16th and 17th September 2015 in Peterborough Arena.

You can connect with TCS& D Show on Twitter and keep up to date with any news or updates by clicking here 

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