New – Refrigerated Vans With Increased Payload

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Here at RVR we now have two new refrigerated vehicles that offer increased payload. The payload of your vehicle is the combined total weight of any people / goods that are being transported. Every vehicle will have a maximum payload that it is not allowed to exceed. You can usually find your maximum payload weight in your vehicles handbook or on its VIN plate.

RVR can help you make the transportation of your goods more cost effective as we now have the Mitsubuishi Fuso Van with 3.5 Tonne box body on the back and the Isuzu 7.5 Tonne truck. Both of these vehicles have an increased payload which means that you can transport more goods in one journey. The Isuzu 7.5 tonne in particular has a lighter base chassis which compared to other makes of vehicle increases your payload by over three quarters of a tonne.

As with all the RVR vehicles these have been converted so they offer refrigerating and freezer temperatures if required. Both vehicles also have dual compartments allowing you to set different temperatures in each compartment. The control unit for the temperature is located in the cab making a temperature change a quick and easy process.

These vehicles really are leading the market with their fantastic payload capacities, we have already supplied a number of customers on long term contracts and put them on our normal fleet because of the benefits that the customers are deriving from this great payload increase.

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