Maintaining The Appearance Of Your Refrigerated Transport Is important

Posted by in Refrigerated Vehicle | October 6, 2015

Your refrigerated van is a travelling face of your business; therefore, it is important that you maintain the appearance of your refrigerated transport at all times to create a good public perception regarding the quality of your fridge van.

The appearance is particularly important if you are transporting food, a well-cleaned fridge van will encourage confidence in your business regarding the quality of the goods in your refrigerated vehicle. However if your refrigerated van is in need of a good clean it is likely that your customers will be put off and will avoid wanting to consume the goods inside.
Here are a few top tips for keeping your refrigerated/freezer van clean:

  • Invest in a long brush so that you are able to access all parts of the refrigerated van
  • Invest in quality cleaning products such as glass cleaner and vehicle shampoo/ soap
  • Use a hose pipe so that you have a continuous supply of water
  • Make sure your wipe away any excess water to prevent drip marks drying on the van
  • Apply a protective wax to keep the refrigerated van in a top condition for longer

Take this advice and ensure that your fridge vans/ freezer vans represent your business accurately!

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