Dual Temperate Refrigerated Vans And Their Uses

Posted by in Refrigerated Van | December 21, 2016

The EU and UK Legislation for the transport of perishable foods states “that manufacturers should have suitable temperature controlled handling and storage facilities that can maintain food at appropriate temperatures and enable these temperatures to be monitored controlled and recorded. There are also specific temperature requirements for chilled and frozen food products.”

Source – http://www.grimsby.ac.uk/documents/defra/trns-refrigeenergy.pdf

Ensuring that we are keeping up with our customer’s demands for both non chilled, chilled and frozen goods at RVR we offer dual temperature refrigerated vehicles. This allows users to transport goods in either a chiller compartment or a frozen compartment. A dual temperature refrigerated vehicle is particularly useful for those who transport different foods that must be kept at different temperatures. 

For example, bread or cold meat would be transported in a chilled compartment around 2 or 3 degrees, whereas, ice-cream needs to be transported at a much lower temperature say around -20 degrees.

Dual temperature refrigerated vehicles can benefit your food transport business as no cross –contamination will occur between the different compartments. Drivers are also able to monitor with in-dab digital outlets allowing great control over the temperature in the different sections using clever technology.

Therefore, when choosing your refrigerated vehicle for hire it is important that you are aware not only of the different food temperatures that your food need to be transported in but also whether a dual compartment fridge van is required so you can achieve variant temperatures. Contact RVR for more information when choosing a refrigerated vehicle to suit your needs.

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