Calling all Caterers and Festival Organisers! Let us take care of all your chilled transportation needs this Summer…

Posted by in blog | March 20, 2018

So, it’s getting to that time of year when Spring arrives, the weather starts to improve (well… sort of) and everyone starts thinking about making plans for the upcoming months of Festival and Wedding season! If you are a Festival Organiser or Wedding Caterer that is starting to think about your refrigeration requirements for all of your events this summer, look no further then Refrigerated Vehicle Rental.

One of the best things about having a refrigerated van is not only are they perfectly designed for transporting goods that need to be kept cool during the summer sunshine but they are also really great for extra cold storage throughout the day. All our vehicles are fitted with overnight standby so you can park up, plug them in and you’re ready to go; your own portable fridge with a large amount of storage and capacity to carry up to 1000kg in payload.

Festivals tend to be all over the country, as do weddings, so as a supplier you will need refrigerated storage that is mobile too and that’s where we can help.

We can also provide a delivery and collection service across the UK, therefore giving you one less thing to worry about (as we’re pretty sure you will already have more than enough to do!)

So, if you need some extra cold storage for your event, whether it’s for a day, weekend, month or longer,  you can contact our team on 01392 666700 or email for more information.

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